About me

Hello and welcome to my website!


I am Yuliya, illustrator and designer, traveler and owner of 2 cats.


I started my career 8 years ago with painting watercolor flowers, birds and animals, using granulation and overflows of watercolor paint.

Now I often experiment in different techniques, so you can find textures, handwritten fonts and even watercolor brushes for Procreate in my shop.


I am inspired by nature and the sea. I adore the Mediterranean and often visit the Corfu island in Greece with my husband. The sea is the healer of my soul and immeasurable love, as well as a frequent theme of my products. Sea animals, fish, corals, algae, water textures… A two year ago, I even tried diving in the Red Sea.


I also love Christmas and New Year and consider them the main holidays of the year. A Christmas tree with Christmas lights, gifts and waiting for a miracle. An incredible holiday! For many years I have been collecting a collection of Christmas toys, buying them in different countries. You can probably see my Christmas illustrations in most countries of the world — on postcards and wrapping paper, in the design of storefronts, dishes and other festive designs.


I work with most of the stocks and creative platforms for designers.

I love details and textures, so every work I do is filled with them. All illustrations are carefully scanned in high resolution, processed in graphic programs and stored in folders, so using my products is simple and easy. I do all this to help you design great work, add a little magic to it.


You will enjoy both the process and the result!